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Welcome to the Opcop site which is dedicated to, among other things, displaying elements of my intermittent journey through the realms of sketching and drawing with pencils, both graphite and colour. I hope that over the course of time, I might learn a little, practise more than a little, and make one or two nice pictures in the process. I draw purely for the pleasure of doing so and have no illusions regarding the quality of my work which is its own reward although one of my sketches has been used as part of the artwork for a book cover. As always, there are too few hours in a day in which to fit everything we might wish to do but making pictures is a good way to spend free time whenever some might be available and other demands are not too pressing
Over the years, I have acquired rather too many tools for this necessarily small aspect of my life but as they will probably last my lifetime, it is better to have them than to be without. If nothing else, it precludes the possibility of blaming my tools for being a poor worker. With each image displayed, I provide a brief summary of the materials I used to produce it. These are my main toys:

Graphite Pencils: Staedtler Mars Lumograph (degrees 8B - 2H), Faber-Castell 9000 (degrees 5B - 5H)
Colour Pencils: Faber-Castell Polychromos (120 colours), Staedtler Ergosoft (24 colours)
Watercolour Pencils: Staedtler karat Aquarell (48 colours)

Paper: Faber-Castell A4 150 gsm, Derwent Academy A3, A4, and A5 110 gsm, WH Smith A6 135 gsm

Erasers: Conté soft, Helix professional firm, Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth soft
Sharpeners: Faber-Castell (8mm 23°, 8mm 30°, 10mm 30°), Staedtler (8mm 23°, 10mm 30°)

As someone more authoritative than myself once said, 'a sketch is not a drawing, a drawing is not a painting, and none of those is a photograph' and whoever that may have been, they certainly knew what they were talking about. Unfortunately, I am unable to find a reference to the originator of the quotation but should I do so in the future, I will update this page to provide it

As well as the opportunity to access each section of this website, on the catalogue page you will find three graphical links, one each for the Minnies website, Buchan Nature, and the Pictures pages which are also part of the Opcop family. We hope very much that you will visit all of these. The Minnies site contains a wealth of cartoons as well as items related to vegan eating while the Pictures site offers a large selection of photographs taken in many interesting places, most of which are perhaps inevitably in Aberdeenshire. If you are interested in the natural world, then the Buchan Nature site has pictures of every living thing which either of us have had the opportunity to see and photograph - over four hundred and twenty species and counting - and we do our best to update this with new or improved images at every opportunity

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